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Build Your Own Blend Supplements is a subsidiary of a multi-million dollar import/export dietary supplement company recently created to give consumers the opportunity to purchase bulk supplement powders from the same company that many well known, name brand companies purchase their raw ingredients from.

Purchasing in bulk allows for you to acquire the raw ingredients yourself so that you can test new supplements, create your own formulas, and of course save lots of money. We use bulk packaging and rely on word of mouth advertising which mean you are buying the supplement itself, not fancy packaging, marketing gimmicks, and numerous middlemen.

New to Building Your Own Blend? No problem. All of our listings give recommendations for what to use in combination with each product we sell. We offer small quantities of everything we stock so you can test out new supplements without breaking the bank, then purchase larger quantities of the ones you like in the future.

Stevia is derived from the plant Stevia rebaudiana, also known as sweetleaf or sugarleaf. It is commonly used as an alternative to sugar, providing the sweet taste of sugar without the calories and unhealthy effects. Stevia has been shown to increase energy, concentration and mood.

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