Concentrate Stevia Dark Chocolate Extract Liquid-Made from Pure Stevia Rebaudiana-0 CALORIES,0 CARBS-0 FAT

- Rebaudiana is the sweetest part of the Stevia plant with absolutely NO bitter taste.
-Bold concentrated flavor thats not watered down. True chocolate Raspberry taste. Nothing artificial!
-Indulge in mouth-watering sweets again with no negative side effects.

Indulge your tastebuds in a healthy alternative to deadly Artificial Sweeteners

Stop settling for watered down flavors with no taste! Stevia select gives you premium quality extracts with no guilt.Safe for diabetics with a 0 glycemic index. Excellent sugar replacement for Candida sufferers. Stevia is made from the sweet extracts of a plant and has been safely used for centuries. Indulge in rich concentrated flavors that are bold and true everytime.

Stevia Select is the boldest & most concentrated Stevia flavor on the Market Today!

- Made from Premium Organic Reb-A without ANY Alcohol
- Does not contain:sugar,yeast,wheat,gluten,corn,soy,milk,eggs,shellfish,artificial colors,or artificial flavors.
- A little goes a long way
- No artificial taste
- small convenient size for travel or purse
- Add new flavor to your Coffee,tea,smoothies,yogurt,whip cream,and all your favorite recipes.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee-This is the BEST TASTING stevia Flavor you have ever had or Your Money back-No Questions Asked!

BONUS GIFT WITH PURCHASE - step-by-step instructions for baking and how to substitute stevia in place of sugar. FREE!

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