Wedderspoon's Raw Organic Manuka Active Honey is sourced from the remote pristine areas of New Zealand's South Island. As part of our testing methods and to differentiate our potency level, each batch of Wedderspoon Manuka Honey 16+ is sourced and tested for its higher pollen count, live enzymes, antioxidants and various phytochemical components.Wedderspoon Organic is North America's number One Organically Certified Manuka Honey suppliers, providing an Authentic, manuka honey recognized throughout North America for its outstanding quality and consistency. Manuka Honey is know all over the world for its extraordinarily powerful healing benefits At Wedderspoon Organic, we bring you the finest in organic products because we know quality matters. We proudly support the OMA Mark (Organic Manuka Active) Chemical and Pesticide Free honey Antibiotic and GMO Free honey Never feeding the bees sugar Hives are made from environmentally friendly material Each jar is traceable back to master beekeeper Area of forage is 5km from intensive farming Activity in our honeys has been reached naturally & has not been increased by man. more