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Self-hypnosis downloads from HypnosisDownloads.comWe are great believers in natural herbal remedies and health solutions, eschewing the expensive chemical concoctions thrust upon us by the pharmaceutical companies, and created this site in order to offer a range of 100% natural products to alleviate or treat a variety of ailments and conditions.

We are therefore pleased to offer you the following all-natural solutions, for both you and your pets, as well as other ways to improve your health without the need for chemicals:

African Mango Weight Loss

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African mango, or irvingia gabonensis, to give it the correct botanical name (although it’s also called bush mango), is a fruit that is native to West Africa.

It gives you a natural energy boost, helps to raise your metabolism, which is an obvious benefit if you’re trying to lose weight, and increases the all-important leptin levels in your bloodstream.

Visit now to find out more about this natural weight loss supplement!

Being Green

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Looking for ways to be green?

We have gather together a whole bunch of products (e.g. solar chargers, solar cookers, solar heaters, solar lighting, solar watches, survival gear and even fun energy projects for kids as well as wind turbines.

Visit now to find out how you can be greener!


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Chyawanprash is an ancient Indian / Ayurvedic health tonic, which is also referred to as Nature’s gift for staying young and healthy.

It is made from 100% natural ingredients (otherwise it wouldn’t appear on this page), and has a wide range of health benefits.

Visit our Chyawanprash page to read more about this amazing and little-known product, and shop in our Chyawanprash store!

Fat Resistance Diet

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The Fat Resistance Diet is a diet that actually works with your body to help you lose weight, the natural way.

Also, find out about the Leptin Control Diet, and how it can help you not only to shed those unwanted pounds, but also to combat fatigue, reduce cravings, improve mental energy, and more.

Visit now to find out more about this natural diet!

Green Cookware Reviews

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Yes, even the cookware you use in your kitchen, every single day, can now be environmentally-friendly.

When you get the same quality and the same performance in a range of pots, pans, pressure cookers, etc. that is eco-friendly and green, why would you choose to buy the old kind?

Visit now to discover the world of green cookware!

Healthy Dog Treats

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All dogs loves their snacks – no surprise there, of course – but with so many on the market these days, it’s hard to choose which ones to buy.

We’ve helped to make that choice easier for you by finding a good selection of dog snacks that are not only tasty, but healthy too.

Visit now to find out how you can keep your doggies both happy and healthy at the same time!

Kennel Cough Treatment

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Kennel Cough, otherwise known as Infectious Tracheobronchitis, is a nasty upper respiratory condition that can affect both dogs and cats.

Traditional treatments involve the usual range of chemical-based products, with the usual accompanying range of side-effects.

Visit now to find out how you can treat your dogs and cats for kennel cough using only natural products – no chemicals, no synthetics, no side-effects.

Lose Weight Pills

Thumbnail screenshot of promotes natural ways to lose weight, whether that’s via natural supplements such as green coffee bean extract, or fun ways to exercise in the comfort of your own own with programs such as Hip Hop Abs, T25 and if you’re up for the challenge, Insanity.

Visit now to find out more about natural diet supplements and innovative and fun ways to get flat, sexy abs and a rockin’ body.

Love Poems For The One You Love

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You might be wondering what on earth a book of love poetry is doing on a natural health page, and it’s a fair question.

The fact is, however, that reading poetry is therapeutic, and with modern life being so fast-paced and stressful, couldn’t you do with a simple way to relax and contemplate the finer things in life, such as love?

Visit now to read more about our book of over 100 original, short modern love poems for that special lady in your life. (Volume 2 is also now available!)

Organic Argan Oil

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Argan oil, also known as Morrocan Oil or Marrekesh Oil, is an extract produced from a rare tree that is only grown in North Africa.

It has many beneficial uses in terms of cosmetics and beauty – you can use it on your skin and your hair – but it can also be used for cooking too.

Visit now to discover more about organic Argan oil, how to use it, and the best place to buy it.

Parvo Book

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ParvoBook is the place to go to download your FREE copy of Parvo Treatment 101.

This comprehensive ebook contains all you need to know about Parvo – what it is and how it spreads, how to treat it, emergency measures you can take while waiting to begin treatment, disinfection, and much, much more.

Visit to get your free copy NOW – the information could just save your doggie’s life!

Parvo Busters

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The Parvo Buster team have a lot of experience in helping people administer safe, organic home Parvo treatments to their sick dogs (5,997 cases and counting).

Find out what drives them to do this, what makes them different to the rest (hint: they’re the only ones who offer their customers 24 x 7 phone support and personal coaching – at no additional cost!), and what else they can do for you.

Visit to learn how the Parvo Busters can help you and your pet.

Parvo Emergency Treatment

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Parvo Emergency Treatment is a site that specialises in selling chemical-free products that, when used according to the extensive instructions we provide, have a 90% success rate when used to help treat Canine Parvovirus.

The site will ensure that you buy exactly the right number of the right products for your particular situation, and we only use FedEx Priority Overnight (or FedEx International Priority for overseas orders), because anything else is just too slow for this devastating virus.

Visit now if your dog has Parvo, or is exhibiting any of the classic symptomsinfoParvo SymptomsClassic Symptoms Of Parvo: not eating, lethargy / not playful, vomiting, diarrhea (foul-smelling and often bloody), dehydration, not drinking, depression, fever, chills..

Parvo Treatment

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For the simpler cases (i.e. where your dog has not been vaccinated and/or de-wormed within the past two weeks, and where your dog does not already have worms), then we have an alternative to our main Parvo Treatment kit (detailed above), and that’s our own product, the ParvoBuster All-In-One Parvo Formula For Dogs, which is the new alternative to Parvaid that offers increased treatment power for better value.

Just like with our other site, we still only ship via FedEx, and you still get our comprehensive Parvo Treatment Guide.

Provided your dog meets the criteria specified above, visit now if your dog has Parvo, or is exhibiting any of the classic symptomsinfoParvo SymptomsClassic Symptoms Of Parvo: not eating, lethargy / not playful, vomiting, diarrhea (foul-smelling and often bloody), dehydration, not drinking, depression, fever, chills..

Rain Barrels

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If you’re looking for ways to do your bit for the planet, then have you considered getting a rain barrel, so that you can use the water that Mother Nature provides for free, instead of using water that has had to be processed at great cost?

You’ll find the best rain barrels at

Triumph Dog Food

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Did you know that most commercial dog foods not only contain a load of fillers, which have little or no nutritional value and only cause your pet to eat more food, but also a ton of toxic chemicals, that will, over time, weaken your dog’s immune system?

We take the health of our own dogs very seriously indeed, which is why we spent a lot of time researching what we believe to be the best dry dog food on the market.

Visit now to find out what we feed our dogs to keep them healthy and strong – and make sure to watch our video on the home page (you’ll be shocked and angry at what you discover).

BTW, you’ll also find a page about Triumph Cat Food on that site too.

What Is Parvo Virus?

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“What Is Parvo Virus?” is a question we get asked a lot, as it seems that many dog owners have never heard of this awful virus – until their dog gets it, of course.

So, to help educate dog owners everywhere (including some breeders too, who also seem to be unaware of this virus and how nasty it is), we’ve put together a site all about the virus – the symptoms to look out for, and, more importantly, what you can do to treat your sick dog.

Visit now to learn all you need to know about the dreaded Canine Parvovirus.

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