Pet Resources Directory

Welcome to our Pet Resources Directory, where you’ll find a variety of resources to help your pets:

Cushing’s Syndrome

Check out this herbal remedy for Cushing’s Syndrome, which is made by the same company who created our ParvoBuster® formulas.

Doggie First Aid Cabinet

There are many ailments your doggie may suffer from that do not necessitate a visit to the vet’s – provided you have your own well-stocked “Doggie First Aid Cabinet”. Find out what’s in ours on our Healthy Pets page.

Doggie Steps And Ramps

It’s important to make sure your doggie stays mobile and pain-free throughout his life, which is why you should check out our recommended doggie steps and ramps.

Dog Food

Most of the dog food you’ll find in your local supermarket is nowhere near as high quality as they would have you believe, so here are a few we are happy to recommend:

And if you want to check whether a dog food is good quality or not, we can recommend

Dog Treats

Just like with dog food, you need to be careful with dog treats too, since many contain ingredients that dogs should not be eating, so here are a few we recommend:

Green Cleaning Products

Many of the harsh chemicals used in and around the home can now be replaced by safer, greener products, such as:

Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough can be treated easily at home, with no need for a visit to the vet or potentially dangerou antibiotics (which may not even work). Visit for details, as well as information about bordetella vaccines you need to be aware or.

Parvo Virus

Parvo Virus is very nasty virus that infects both dogs and cats, and we have two must-visit sites for you to find out more:

  • Parvo Treatment 101 – a free downloadable ebook that tells you all you need to know about this virus – what it is, symptoms, treatment options, and a whole lot more
  • Parvo Emergency Treatment, where you can easily find out which products you need to treat your pets

Recommended Reading

We have put together a great selection of books that will help you take even better care of your pets.You’ll find books on pet food, vaccines, holistic pet care, pet massage and more on our Recommended Reading List


If you want to do more research on vaccines, so you can make an informed decision instead of relying on those who have a huge financial incentive to sell them, then here are a few sites you should check out:

Other Ailments

If you’re looking for natural, chemical-free treatments for any other condition not listed above, then our go-to supplier for all sorts of ailments is Natural Wonder Products.

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