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Lose weight with pure green coffee extract
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You’ve probably seen the adverts already for green coffee extract, and maybe you’re wondering what it is, and why all the hype?

So, in this short review, we’re going to be taking a look at what this extract is, where it comes from, and some of the claimed health benefits that you may find.

What Is Green Coffee Extract?

At the risk of sounding obvious, green coffee extract comes from green coffee beans.

This clearly begs the question, so what are green coffee beans?

Well, if you’re a coffee drinker, then you’ve already been consuming them (sort of)!

Hang on a moment, you’re thinking, the coffee beans I use are a dark brown color!


And they are that gorgeous dark brown color because they’ve been roasted (at 475 degrees Fahrenheit, to be precise).

Red coffee berries - the source of green coffee beans

But before they get roasted, coffee beans are actually green.

And by the way, they’re not actually beans at all – they’re seeds! They’re only called beans because that’s what they look like.

So what fruit is the green coffee bean the seed of?

Are you ready for this? Red coffee berries (which sort of resemble cherries)!

Got that?

It’s Time To Take A Break From Reading

Here’s a short video where we talk about weight loss and how Green Coffee Bean Extract can help:



So, what are the health benefits of green coffee?

There are seven main benefits:

  1. Green coffee beans are very high in anti-oxidants, which are needed by your body to fight off those nasty free radicals.
  2. They inhibit the absorption of fat.
  3. They stimulate the metabolism of fat in your liver.
  4. They suppress the release of glucose into your blood, especially after you’ve had a meal.
  5. It’s believed they may be able to increase body heat production, which in turn can induce fat loss.
  6. They may be helpful for people with hypertension (i.e. high blood pressure).
  7. They may improve blood circulation.

So, now you’re probably thinking that, if you’ve been drinking all that coffee for so much of your life, then why aren’t you getting all these health benefits?

Well, we’re sorry to have to tell you this, but you can’t just sit there drinking regular coffee all day and lose weight!

Wanna know why?

The sad fact is that the roasting process, which transforms those raw green beans (or seeds) into that aromatic drink that so many people love, actually destroys the one crucial ingredient that science is only now beginning to fully understand.

And what is that magic ingredient?

Chlorogenic Acid & GCA®

This one ingredient is responsible for most of the health benefits we just mentioned, but roasting those green beans removes 90% of this Chlorogenic acid – which is why regular coffee won’t cut it.

And according to Dr. Oz, the green coffee extract must contain at least 45% Chlorogenic Acid for it to be effective.

Which means we have you covered, as our BeMedFree.com® GCBE has 50%!

In addition to that, he recommends the green coffee bean extract you buy contains GCA® (or Svetol®).

Of course, ours does contain GCA®, but further to that, it has at least 35% per capsule, which is what the trademark holder, Applied Food Sciences, requires. (So be careful – many similar products on the market do not have this amount of GCA® in them, even though they may claim to include GCA®!)

Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss

OK, we know that out of all of those benefits, this is the one that is capturing people’s attention.

But you’re wary about this latest “superfood”, and we understand that. After all, there has been a steady stream of weight loss “miracle” foods and supplements over the past few years, including Hoodia and African Mango, to name but two.

So, before you try it out for yourself, you probably want to know if it has actually been tested and proven to work (and safely, of course).

The good news is that, yes, it has, using what’s known as a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study. You don’t need to know exactly what this means – only that it’s the approved way of testing anything to make sure the product does what it claims, without any possible bias from those conducting the tests or from those taking part.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract From BeMedFree.com®

Lose weight with pure green coffee bean extract
UPC: 820103160506

By now, you should be as excited about these little seeds as we are, in which case you’ll be wondering where you can buy green coffee beans.

Well you could buy the beans and make the drink yourself, but it’s really the extract that you need for maximum effect.

Which is why we’ve launched our very own BeMedFree.com® Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE) supplement!

Our product comes in a veggie cap form, with each capsule containing 800mg of pure green coffee extract (that’s 50% Chlorogenic Acid, up to 50% Polyphenols, and up to 10% Caffeine) – and absolutely nothing else! That’s right – no fillers, no binders, no additives, no preservatives, no magnesium stearate, no rice, no allergens, no GMOs.

Our supplement is made in an FDA-registered laboratory that is cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) accredited.

So Who’s It For?

GCBE is for people who want help with their weight loss program, but it is for adults only (i.e. no one less than 18 years of age), and while it can be taken by both men and women, it should not be used by women who are either pregnant or nursing.

What’s The Recommended Dosage?

Click to enlarge image of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Ingredients

To obtain the best results, take one capsule twice daily, 30 minutes before meals, preferably with a full glass of water.

When used like this, one 60-capsule bottle will last you 30 days.

Tip: While Pure Green Coffee Extract is a great supplement, you can give it a helping hand by eliminating junk food and/or pre-packaged foods, which are largely loaded with chemicals and empty calories, from your diet. Instead, try to incorporate more heart-healthy foods, which would primarily be based on consuming lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Safety Warnings

This product contains 20mg of naturally-occurring caffeine per serving. Although this is less than half a cup of coffee, you should still not use it if you have a sensitivity or allergy to coffee or caffeine.

It is not intended for use by persons under 18 years of age, so keep out of the reach of children.

You must also ensure pets do not ingest this product – caffeine in any quantity is dangerous for dogs and cats.

Consult with your physician prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you are taking any other medication.

If you experience any adverse side-effects, then stop taking this product immediately and consult your physician.

Do not use if the seal is damaged or missing.

Use only as directed, and do not exceed the stated dosage.

Note: the product statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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Are you ready to start burning the fat?
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PS Remember, our Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is exactly that – 800mg of 100% pure green coffee with no additives of any type!

PPS When you purchase one or more bottles, don’t forget to check your inbox for your free copy of our Healthy Eating Tips report! (It will be sent automatically to the email address you use with Amazon.com, so please make sure that account is working OK.)

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