WYAU! Fair Trade Organic Coffee

WYAU! Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Do you have trouble coming to in the mornings?

Are you useless, dead to the world, and grumpy – until you get your shot of caffeine?

Then we have the solution for you!

It’s our BeMedFree.com® WYAU! Fair Trade Organic Coffee.

This is a whole bean coffee, which means it will stay fresh longer (but you will, of course, need a grinder).

What else can we tell you about this gourmet coffee?

Before We Talk About That…

Here’s a short video about the benefits of whole bean coffee:



The Coffee Beans

It’s made from 100% pure Arabica coffee beans, which are recognized as the best in the world, and it’s actually a blend of Sumatra coffee beans, and beans from Central America.

The Central American coffee is known as SHB (i.e. Strictly Hard Bean), and it is grown at elevations of 4,500 feet or higher. This results in a dense bean structure with firm acidity and intense floral aromas.

The Sumatran coffee, on the other hand, is grown in volcanic soils on small farms in the Gayo Mountain region, creating an earthy full-bodied coffee.

In order to create a complex but robust coffee, these two different beans are roasted independently, before being blended.

That’s why WYAU! is part dark roast coffee and part medium roast coffee. The darker roast offers maximum health benefits (which you’ll find out about in our helpful email series after you purchase), while the lighter roast ensures you get the caffeine boost you need to get you going.

Why Organic?

USDA Organic Coffee

In spite of what some people may tell you, there is a huge difference between organic foods and non-organic foods these days.

Of course, at one time, decades ago, all food was organic – before the advent of man-made chemicals that are proving harder and harder to avoid now.

There are two main reasons why it’s sensible to choose organic though:

  1. Organic foods are safer, because no chemicals have been used. In the case of coffee, you’ll find that most non-organic coffees have been sprayed with pesticides, which then end up in your body. Would you willingly drink a cup of DDT or worse, Roundup, for example? No, and there’s no reason why you should.
  2. Organic food are more nutritious, which is often because they are subjected to less processing, so more of the original goodness is still present.

So, not only is our USDA organic coffee healthier, but you’ll get more of the many benefits that coffee has to offer.

Anyway, Why Fair Trade?

Fair Trade Coffee

We chose to offer a Fair Trade coffee because we do not believe in taking advantage of farmers by over-working and under-paying them.

This is all part of the BeMedFree philosophy – we want to nurture our planet and its precious resources, and make life better, not worse, for its inhabitants (and, yes, that does include all animals, and us humans as well).

So, when you see the Fair Trade logo (there are several in use these days, but this is the classic one that most people will recognize), you know that you are helping farmers provide for their families by keeping a roof over their heads and food on their table.

Is There Anything Else You Need To Know?

GMO Free

Well, it’s GMO-free, which is yet another reason why this is a healthier way to get your daily dose of caffeine.

GMOs (that’s Genetically-Modified Organisms) are in the news a lot these days, mainly because the majority of the American people want the right to know whether they’re eating and drinking GM foods products or not.

The fact that the large biochemical companies, led by Monsanto, are resisting this initiative should be all the warning you need to realize that their laboratory-engineered pseudo-foods are not as safe or good for you as they claim. Otherwise, why refuse to label products as containing GM ingredients?

The fact is, plenty of studies around the world have demonstrated that genetically-modified food (e.g. most of the corn and soy grown in the US today) is actually very damaging not only to your health, but also to your children’s, as the genes contained within these foods can be passed along to the baby in your womb.


You should be!

On a more positive note, WYAU! is also a shade grown coffee, which results in a tastier coffee since the beans mature more slowly, increasing the natural sugar content.

Shade grown coffees are also typically better for the planet because they are often organic and sustainable. No pesticides and other chemicals are used, which reduces soil depletion and erosion. And they encourage wildlife diversity – as many as 150 different species of birds have been found on shade grown farms.

WYAU! Breakfast Coffee From BeMedFree.com®

WYAU! Breakfast Coffee from BeMedFree.com®

WYAU! is a premium coffee designed for coffee lovers who not only want a great-tasting wake-up cup, but who also appreciate the health benefits of choosing organic and who want to help those less fortunate than themselves by supporting the Fair Trade movement.

Whether you’re looking for that jolt to get you ready for the day ahead, either in the office or at home, or you’re searching for that ideal Sunday morning coffee to get your day off started the right way, WYAU! is just perfect.

Each re-sealable bag contains 1 lb (that’s 16 oz or 454 g) of whole coffee beans.

You’ll enjoy the delicious aroma from the moment it arrives in the mail, right through to when you drink your freshly-brewed cup, and remember that those floral notes will linger in the air long after that.

Safety Warnings

It should go without saying that our WYAU! whole bean coffee does contain caffeine, which means if you are allergic or sensitive to it, then we’re sorry but this product is not for you.

You must also be very careful to make sure that your dogs and cats NEVER EVER EVER EVER ingest these beans or the coffee made from them. Pets are highly sensitive to caffeine, and it can be fatal!

Bonus Information

Which brings us to our final point.

We’re never just satisfied with selling people a product and moving on. We prefer to offer continued advice, to help customers get the best possible value from the products we sell.

And that’s why all of our WYAU! customers will also receive some coffee tips, that will cover:

  • the recommended way to make the best cup of coffee
  • the many health benefits of coffee
  • some interesting and unusual coffee recipes
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PS Have you worked out yet what WYAU! stands for?

PPS No? Then you need to Wake Your A** Up and have a cup of our delicious whole bean coffee!     :-)

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